Muscari Armeniacum (25 pack)

Colour:  Blue

Planting months:  October  / November  /  December

Planting Depth:  8cm

Flowering months:  March

Flowering Height:  15cm

Perfect for:  pots, containers, borders, combining with other bulbs such as Narcissi (Daffodil) ‘Minnow’

SOLD IN PACKS OF 25 BULBS  1 pack = 25 bulbs


Muscari are so very distinctive in springtime.  The common name for Muscari is the ‘grape hyacinth’, and you can see why these bulbs get that name.  The flowers are like tiny little grapes grouped together in an arrow like shape at the top of a green stem.

This Muscari ‘Armeniacum’ variety has been chosen by us because it is so easy to grow.  It’s a great plant to get children involved in gardening and nature.  Muscari looks great planted in pots, and would make a lovely gift from a child to a parent or grandparent.  Planting these bulbs in small pots is a great way to create family memories.

Muscari ‘Armeniacum’ also looks fabulous when combined with our Narcissi (Daffodil) ‘Minnow’.  The contrast of the vivid blue of the Armeniacum next too the light and dark yellow of the Minnow is a spring sensation of colour.

To view images of Muscari ‘Armeniacum’ – click the link to view multiple Google images  Muscari ‘Armeniacum’ images 

SOLD IN PACKS OF 25 BULBS  1 pack = 25 bulbs

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 2.5 cm


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