Winter Services

Snow BlowerSnow Clearing

There are times when we get so much snow that a snow blower is a handy piece of equipment to have.  Our Sno-Tek snow blower can clear thick snow quicker than a snow shovel.  The Sno-Tek is ideal if there are larger areas to clear – such as car parks, driveways and long paths.

Thankfully, heavy snow falls that require the Sno-Tek are rare.  For lighter to medium levels of snow fall, or smaller areas, we can clear snow using our commercial strength snow shovels if necessary.



IMG_7978Salt Spreading

We have a range of salt spreading equipment.

We have a commercial size mechanical salt spreader that can spread a 20kg bag of salt over a wide area, all the way down to handy size 1.5kg salt sticks for personal use over smaller areas.

We only use white de-icing salt.  This type of salt is a much cleaner option than using grit or brown rock salt, which often leave a sandy residue over the cleared area.  This sand and dirt can get walked into houses or offices on the bottom of footwear.  Our white de-icing salt is a much cleaner option.


Winter Wizard – white deicing salt

Here is a video we made about the range of Winter Wizard white de-icing salt products we stock & use for our winter snow clearing and salt spreading services.