All For Hedges

All For Hedges is the business name for the hedge cutting and hedge care side of our business.  We love hedges.  Here are 10 things we love about hedges.

  1. hedges are great for small birds & insects
  2. hedges cope very well in high winds
  3. hedges don’t need to be treated or painted – fences do
  4. hedges are alive, and can outlive most of us
  5. hedges can be evergreen, and can even be colourful
  6. hedges make a great natural boundary around a garden
  7. hedges can be trimmed neat or pruned into a variety of shapes
  8. hedges can be tall, small, thick, thin, prickly or soft
  9. hedges can add kerb appeal to a garden & home
  10. hedges are a plant that can be cared for & nurtured

Have a listen to our 15 second video of this beech hedge in late autumn.  Fences don’t sound like this.

All For Hedges hedge 1Hedge trimming

We love hedges, but we know for many people the task of hedge trimming can be a bit of a chore.  ALL FOR HEDGES at Mr & Mrs Gardens Limited have the knowledge, experience, ability and tools to carry out all your hedge care tasks.  From hedge trimming, hedge cutting, reducing, shaping, pruning, planting and ongoing care, we can help.



All For Hedges hedge 2Boundary Hedges

For many people keeping their boundary hedge neat and tidy is very important.  We know how important it is too.  That’s why we take a huge pride in the work we carry out.

To get a hedge nice and neat it is important to cut it regularly.  Don’t miss a year.  Some hedges, such as privet, need at least two cuts each year.  Other hedges, such as conifer, may only need one cut each year.


All For Hedges hedge 3High Hedges

High hedges can cause difficulties for many home owners.  They can block out light and air – two elements that a healthy garden needs.  They can also be very difficult to trim.  If you are ever in doubt about your ability to safely cut a high hedge please give a professional a call.  We have been cutting hedges for over 20 years, and been doing so professionally since 2013.  We have commercial ladders and hedge cutting equipment ideally suited to the horticulture trade.  We can safely trim or cut back your high hedges.

Domestic decorating ladders are not suited to this type of work.  Don’t risk injury.


Hedge Trimming – Time Lapse

You can view our 35 seconds time lapse video of hedge trimming in action here:

Please CONTACT US to discuss your hedge trimming requirements.

All For Hedges hedge 4  All For Hedges hedge 5  All For Hedges hedge 6

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